C&M Consulting

What We Can Do for You:


  • Social Media Site Creation and Management  
  • Web Design and Backend Management 
    • Let us help you take the stress and time out of the design process. We work with a proven team of designers and developers to get your business looking professional and attracting more leads!
    • A free consultation tells us what sort of design you need, and what sort of designer you need.
  • Social Messenger Engagement
  • Email Marketing Campaign Referral/Management
    • We have a partner account with Constant Contact to help you establish and maintain your Marketing Campaign at the lowest costs.
  • Blogging/SEO Content
  • Copywriting

 Get in Touch!

Call or email us to set up a free consultation to see how we can help you maximize your work day! We love to meet for breakfast at the
We hope that through the success of Cross and Musket Apparel and C&M Consulting, we can encourage and support other small businesses with business services, consulting, and networking opportunities. As we grow as a company, we anticipate our professional expertise will as well, and thus our ability to positively influence your business.

** Professional services would include any job we could not consider "turn-key", i.e. we would need to invest significant time learning or teaching how to accomplish the job. Once we have mastered the job and can use that as a business service we offer, the price for the service would decrease for all. Initially, the price would be greater than other normal tasks, and specific to the job required. This would be agreed upon before performing the job, and makes for a great conversation over breakfast or lunch!