The “Why” of Cross and Musket

So far, I have been met with roadblock after roadblock in pursuit of making Cross and Musket Apparel a reality. The biggest roadblock: me. I’ll let others diagnose where it comes from, but I have always struggled with the idea that no matter what I do, I won’t be able to accomplish my goals to the insane levels I set for myself. But then I realized so many businesses are out there. So many people pursuing the “why” of it that I am forced to accept the “how” must not be outside the realm of possibility. So, if they can do it, why not me?


Sitting there alone watching Full Metal Jacket at midnight on New Year’s Eve and frozen roads confining my dog and me to the warmth of a blanket and the sound of “Gunny” shouting blasphemies at his shell-shocked recruits, I was hit with the realization that only a select few had bothered to wish me Happy New Year’s. Maybe I was just sentimental that night, but that thought hit me like a bullet to the chest. If I wanted 2018 to be better for me, I was going to be the one to do it. And that’s how it should be, and so far 2018 has been MY year!


I have never once tried to establish myself as superior to someone, and my lack of contentment with my current job situation is not from lack of effort or work ethic. I work my ass off, and I’m proud of it. But working for someone else has taught me one thing if nothing else: anything can be a passion if you give a damn, but once that give-a-damn runs out…good luck not jumping off a bridge to escape another Monday. Something that has always been at the root of my passion is being in control of my own destiny and not having to watch another unethical or unwise decision being made that I would later have to defend to “my” customers. Am I venting a little bit here? YES. But it is all part of my “why” and the “why” of Cross and Musket. So, if you’ve read this far, might as well keep going!


Another “why” is my dog. You’ve no doubt seen the shirt design “Give Me Puppies or Give Me Death”, which of course stems from the famous quote by Patrick Henry in 1775 “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!”. I replaced Liberty with Puppies for a reason. My dog embodies my desire to be free. Free to create a business with an office friendly to dogs (maybe cats if they can try not to be so…catlike). To be able to pet my dog and see him chew on a toy while I am jamming out to Metallica and answering emails…that would be Heaven on earth.


And finally, the most important “why” is to create a Christian brand that is original and real. Could I find new fonts to list old scriptures on a shirt and expect Christians to pay top dollar for it? Well yeah, plenty of Christian stores do it nationwide. Am I passionate about scripture? Of course, but do I think plagiarizing the Words in Red is a solid business model? Hell no. My goal is to put the balls back onto the Christian man. To put the pride back in the Christian mother who somehow manages to create a home filled with love and zero tolerance for weakness or victimhood. Christians fought, killed, and died to create the country we love, yet we as Christians have allowed ourselves so become the semi-homosexual-looking male with a douchey haircut and a fear of all things unfamiliar to himself. The Christian mother has become the chopped hair cut, turquoise-wearing, “let me speak with your manager” Flo who lets her kids do what they want so long as its quiet and doesn’t interrupt The View. Do stereotypes exist for a reason? Sometimes yes, and that’s the problem. Can a T-shirt company save the world? Hopefully it isn’t that simple, because if it is, what the hell are we all doing? I do think through the use of apparel, blogs, podcasts, and other medias we can start a chain reaction of Christians who aren’t afraid of being real and aren’t afraid to stand up for their beliefs rather than frantically searching for someone braver than they to stand up and speak for them. To plagiarize another great quote, Dietrich Bonhoeffer said “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” 


Enough ranting. The next blog post will be about the isolation of Millennial Americans both by themselves and this new Tea Party class of Christian that likes to point the finger to blame “those Millennials” rather than realizing the Millennials are only now flexing their muscles and realizing our power to affect change! Ask yourself: who has been in power the past 3 decades? Not us!

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