Selling Face to Face

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Scarce to sell

Selling via your voice and face. Staring a potential buyer in the face and explaining why they should forgo their hard-earned money in order to buy your product, or the product you are selling retail can (and usually is for me) be one of the hardest things to do. Many want to jump on Facebook, create a product then start the process of waiting for someone to jump aboard and buy. Maybe that works for some products, but many times it does not, and selling at a craft or trade show may be the way to get out there and go to where the money is. I’ve heard it call “selling at the source”.

What I have learned in my experiences selling at trade shows is there really is no sure-fire way to make that sale. I have pitched a million different ways, and there is no combination of words that magically brings the sale. What I have learned is a great way to both have a good time AND make more sales is this: be genuine. And that is a good principle for selling via any platform in today’s millennial-driven markets. Millennials can and do sniff out phonies quickly. Depending on your product and selling environment (which can change depending on which trade show or market you are presently at), knowing how to relay accurate information about your product’s benefits over the others out there is tough, but the only way to really make the sale. I sell my own original items, as well as retail other products from more established companies. I have had people walk up who know the brands I am selling, and LOVE the product. But they don’t buy until I explain why the product is more than a logo they have seen on Fox News. I explain the story behind the product, and they’re in love. 

So, moral of the story is don’t be afraid to tell people why they should spend their money. After all, if you have a job, you explained yourself and work ethic as a product an employer should want to spend money on. The same is to be said about whatever it is you choose to sell. 


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  • Great post! I bought black rifle coffee through ur company n some of ur tee shirts. Great products!


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