I Am a Friend of God

 Growing up, going to church camp every summer of every year was one of the highlights of my life. That is where I made friends I still have to this day, and it’s where I learned lessons I still take from even now in my adult years. One particular year, we went to a weeklong camp in Tennessee. I wasn’t TECHNICALLY old enough to go, but I had an older brother and our youth pastor made an exception for me. Thank God he did. 

 One of the first days at camp, the band that lead us in worship that year played the song called “I Am a Friend of God.”  If you’ve ever been to church camp in the last decade, I’m sure you have heard the song. This particular band put a little bit of flair in the chorus that made it especially catchy, and you could hear the song sung, hummed, and whistled throughout the campus we were at the whole week. It became sort of an anthem for everybody attending that year.  In keeping with the theme, everybody was friends at that camp that year. Hundreds of teens came together and saw each other as family for no particular reason, other then we were united in common purpose with enthusiasm and joy. 

 So, I tell you that story not because you care about my childhood, but because this is one of those cathartic moments in my past that still fills me with joy.  I challenge every person from every walk of life to find those moments of true joy and peace, and you use those moments when life does what life does to you. We as Christians are not meant for this world, but while we are here we can find joy and use that joy to spread the love and compassion Christ showed to us on the cross. 

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