Holding True to Your Company's Stated Mission

Recent events that have transpired have led to this blog post. If you don’t read to the end of this post, read this: If you don’t know the heart and mission for your company, organization, community, etc. then how can your buyers, customers, and followers know and reflect with it, positively or negatively? 

My mission for Cross and Musket Apparel has been to create a Christian brand that puts some balls back on the Christian American and gives that sense of strength and confidence back to our silent and complacent majority. So far, I haven’t done much in that realm, and that bothers me…and that will change. 

Finding out that someone you were leaning on and making plans with for the future wasn’t who he/she said they were…well that brings things back to your foundation and original perspective. In my case, it made me realize I wasn’t pursuing my mission, and that is why I say to make 100% sure you know who you are and what your mission is, lest others infiltrate the ranks of your success and scramble those principles up. It’s easy to forget what your original goals are when small victories may not correlate with that mission, causing you to pursue a different direction, but if you constantly ask yourself, “how does this accomplish my stated and unchanging personal mission?”, then you will constantly be led back to the right path and not led astray by fake success and the influence of outside opinions and aspirations separate from your own. 

I heard once by a very successful entrepreneur that there comes a time when you need to be "sociopathic" about letting go of negative influences in your life. Push away those who leach on your dreams, suck the life out of your passion, and breath negative thoughts into your motivation. The potential lies within you, and if someone is not feeding INTO your dreams and goals, they are feeding ON them, and it's time to shut the door in their face! 

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