Getting Excited About Potential

Cross and Musket Going Up

I fight it, but at times I see the groundwork laid for my future success and it sends my stomach into a roller coaster. It takes a lot to really get me excited about something, especially a business idea since I’ve had so many of them in the past and never pulled the figurative trigger on the idea. This time though, I feel and see the potential, but fear of failure holds my excitement back at times.

My pastor actually preached on the Fear of Failing a week ago, and it really spoke to me. In reality, I have already had a success in this endeavor: the willingness to step out while others around me are still fantasizing about their ideas. That was huge for me. Also the experience of creating an LLC, buying and establishing a domain, all of that is relevant and things I had never done before. So ya, that’s a win. 

However, my apprehension toward the excitement is the next step I need to take: investing serious money into myself and asking others to do the same. Stop one is family, then friends, and I’ll go from there. However with the roller coaster already most of the way up that first hill, it won’t take much to nudge it over the top and start the real forward progression, which is what I am truly excited for. 

With that in mind, another step will be getting the podcast launched and reaching other business-minded Americans. If you know of or are a business owner or musician, feel free to send me an email: , or a DM through Instagram: @crossandmusket_cast

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