A Product Review On Driving Around Aimlessly

Idea: drive around with nowhere in particular to be or go, and think. Take in the sights, and let it inspire your thoughts about whatever you are stressing about. 


Hypothesis: This will assist in keeping the brain focused on driving enough to keep the brain focused on the thing most immediately stressing it out. No phones or texting, no emails or social media. The time spent “meditating” on the key stressor will help form a plan of action. 


Necessary equipment/tools: Vehicle, brain, road, for the love of God a blinker.


Outcome: Completely worth it. A little boring. Don’t forget to pee first.


My experience:

I started in Boerne, TX where I live and work. I got in the truck with my coffee and myself. I drove by where I work to see it and forget it ( I am on vacation this week, trying to figure out what I want in a career). I turned down a road I had never really followed before, and started my journey. Started thinking about work, as usual, and what I really wanted out of my source of income. Did I want one of these jobs where people look to me as an example of having “IT”? Do I want to be walking around with an assistant who is scheduling all my appointments for the day, and knowing my life better than I do? Do I want a job that pays well, but my boss treats me like a leach on his company instead of a source of ideas and work ethic that sustains his business while he is supposed to work to grow it?

Don’t get lost in those weeds. That’s a fake conversation I’ve had before. Those are feelings I have felt before. What’s new, what needs to be done to get me where I want to go? Where do I want to go? 

That’s the question. I thought on it for a while. I noticed some pretty farmland and cattle, as I spoke honestly to myself: what legacy do I want to leave behind? What do I want to be known for? Is all this pretty country supposed to just sit out here and never be enjoyed by us humans? Is our natural habitat a windowless office with free coffee and bottled water?

Pause for a second and re-focus your brain on the things you are trying to achieve. Why are you trying to achieve them? Who are you achieving them for? Are you young? Do you have kids? Will your present goals fit inside a lifestyle that includes a significant other, a couple of kids, maybe a dog? Probably not. A young man’s goals usually do not take important things into consideration. Finding that special someone you want to spend every waking moment with will change those goals from being the man at the office, to being the man of the house. 

I passed over some river crossings and contemplated stopping and writing by the river. Maybe answer some emails and be productive while also being a typical millennial. Who says we can’t experience nature AND work? I thought better of it since I did want to be home by a certain time to write this and check my emails. I saw a Historical Marker (pic below) that centered around a guy who did a lot of stuff, failed at some of it, but is remembered as being a giver of knowledge and inspiration. That definitely got my brain going some more!

So, what is the result of taking a drive to think? That’s up to you! I definitely recommend it though, and I plan on taking more aimless trips to center my brain and not just THINK about what stresses me out. I want to create plans and take action on those things! I’m not afraid to pull over and take notes on my phone, and the beauty of driving to think is this: It’s basically free, and it gets my dog out of the house too!

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